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Benefits of Cold Pressed Juicing

Whether you are a stay at home mom or have an office job or play football for a living, ever body need to stay fresh and active and a very effective way to do so is to have healthy, homemade juices on a regular basis. Juices are an excellent way of adding more nutrients to your diet through fresh fruits and vegetables which are not so appealing to consume otherwise. If you’re into juicing, you must have come across the hype created by the new cold press juicers in the market. The manufacturers of the cold press juicers claim that this device makes the most nutritious and freshest juices as compared to all other appliances. If you are considering it to be a marketing strategy, it is not since there are studies to show that cold pressed juice is highly beneficial in many ways. Here are some of the benefits offered by cold pressed juices:

Most of the nutrients are preserved:

This is a juicing technique which is created to produce a juice drink with the maximum possible nutrients extracted from the fruits and vegetables. Since it rotates the auger at a slow speed to extract the juice, minimum heat is created in the process to make sure that none of the nutrients are lost because of the heat.

Extracts more juice:

The two stage juicing process that these juicers use make sure that most if not all of the juice is extracted from the fruits leaving behind only the dry part of the juice or its pulp. To prove that these juicers extract more juice you can compare the pulp of the cold press juicers with the other juicers and see for yourself which is drier. The leafy greens also work better with cold press juicers since these juicers extract a much greater amount of juice with them as compared to the traditional juicers.


Since these new juicers use a slow technique to extract the juice, they will keep most of the fresh taste of the fruits and vegetables intact in the drink. You will have to take a sip of a cold press juice to really feel the difference. Also these juices are exposed to minimum light and air while juicing so that the oxidation process is much slower than with other juices. A slower oxidation of the drink means that it will stay fresh for longer and even if you don’t drink it right away you will be consuming a good amount of nutrients in the drink. Commercial cold press juicer buying guide is the perfect choice for purchasing them online.

Quiet operation:

Another advantage of cold press juicers is that they are very quiet as compared to the traditional juicers. Since the traditional juicers use a high speed motor to extract the juice they also produce much unwanted noise to wake up the neighbors. To extract the juice quietly without disturbing there you will need to use a cold press juicer. With a cold press juicer you have the option of juicing any time you want even if it is during the middle of the night without annoying others.

Grilling Adana Kebabs

Kebabs are famous throughout the world whether you’re in Middle East in Europe, you will find them. Definitely every country have their traditional way of preparing kebabs, there are so many varieties in kebabs for example, Seekh kebab, Doner kebab, Shish kebab, Adana kebab etc. Wherever you will go to Middle East, you will find Adana kebabs. Even though, these kebabs are from turkey, but are prepared throughout the world. In no time spread all over the world. They are delicious and tender minced kebabs that are a mix of a lamb and veal. They are packed with Middle Eastern spices and flavors. Today we will discuss the recipe to prepare these delicious treat.

Before you, start-preparing ingredients for these kebabs make sure to buy the fresh meat, as it will enhance the flavor of these kebabs. Now run to your butcher and ask him for 1 pound of ground lamb and one pound of ground veal. As this recipe is for six serving proportions, you must alter the ratio of meat according to your need. The ratio between the veal and the lamb is one is to one. Once you have your meat, transfer them in a large mixing bowl and mix them properly with your hands so that both of the meat is mixed.

After that, add the following ingredients in the bowl: one minced and reseeded red bell pepper, one medium sized minced yellow onion, three garlic cloves minced, about one and a half tablespoon of salt. Along with that one tablespoon of red sumac, one teaspoon of dried grounded red chili, one tablespoon of lemon juice, two teaspoons of pepper, two teaspoon of cumin and a half a bunch of parsley very thinly chopped. Mix all these ingredients with the meat properly and let it rest in the refrigerator for about half an hour.

Before twenty minutes of grilling, you must start your gas grill and as well, as make the skewers. To start your gas grill check for the supply of natural gar or for the level of propane in the tank. Make sure you have enough gas for the whole process and if you have a natural gas supply then no need to worry. Now turn on the main and the gas grill knob and ignite the fire with the help of a lighter. Once you gas grill is lightened, clean its grates and apply little bit of oil. Now let the grates of the gas grill be warm enough, keep the flame high and close the lid. Meanwhile make skewers of Adana kebabs. You will be using a flat wide skewer, now make giant meatball of the meat and apply it the skewer. Make sure it sits properly on the skewers. Once all of this is done, have butter in a bowl of butter, add chopped coriander on them, and mix. It will be use for applying on the grilled side of the kebab.

Grill the skewers for about three to four minutes each side, once a side is gas grilled apply butter and coriander mix. Serve these kebas with Greek yogurt, pita bread and Turkish curry.