Benefits of Cold Pressed Juicing

Whether you are a stay at home mom or have an office job or play football for a living, ever body need to stay fresh and active and a very effective way to do so is to have healthy, homemade juices on a regular basis. Juices are an excellent way of adding more nutrients to your diet through fresh fruits and vegetables which are not so appealing to consume otherwise. If you’re into juicing, you must have come across the hype created by the new cold press juicers in the market. The manufacturers of the cold press juicers claim that this device makes the most nutritious and freshest juices as compared to all other appliances. If you are considering it to be a marketing strategy, it is not since there are studies to show that cold pressed juice is highly beneficial in many ways. Here are some of the benefits offered by cold pressed juices:

Most of the nutrients are preserved:

This is a juicing technique which is created to produce a juice drink with the maximum possible nutrients extracted from the fruits and vegetables. Since it rotates the auger at a slow speed to extract the juice, minimum heat is created in the process to make sure that none of the nutrients are lost because of the heat.

Extracts more juice:

The two stage juicing process that these juicers use make sure that most if not all of the juice is extracted from the fruits leaving behind only the dry part of the juice or its pulp. To prove that these juicers extract more juice you can compare the pulp of the cold press juicers with the other juicers and see for yourself which is drier. The leafy greens also work better with cold press juicers since these juicers extract a much greater amount of juice with them as compared to the traditional juicers.


Since these new juicers use a slow technique to extract the juice, they will keep most of the fresh taste of the fruits and vegetables intact in the drink. You will have to take a sip of a cold press juice to really feel the difference. Also these juices are exposed to minimum light and air while juicing so that the oxidation process is much slower than with other juices. A slower oxidation of the drink means that it will stay fresh for longer and even if you don’t drink it right away you will be consuming a good amount of nutrients in the drink. Commercial cold press juicer buying guide is the perfect choice for purchasing them online.

Quiet operation:

Another advantage of cold press juicers is that they are very quiet as compared to the traditional juicers. Since the traditional juicers use a high speed motor to extract the juice they also produce much unwanted noise to wake up the neighbors. To extract the juice quietly without disturbing there you will need to use a cold press juicer. With a cold press juicer you have the option of juicing any time you want even if it is during the middle of the night without annoying others.

Grilling Adana Kebabs

Kebabs are famous throughout the world whether you’re in Middle East in Europe, you will find them. Definitely every country have their traditional way of preparing kebabs, there are so many varieties in kebabs for example, Seekh kebab, Doner kebab, Shish kebab, Adana kebab etc. Wherever you will go to Middle East, you will find Adana kebabs. Even though, these kebabs are from turkey, but are prepared throughout the world. In no time spread all over the world. They are delicious and tender minced kebabs that are a mix of a lamb and veal. They are packed with Middle Eastern spices and flavors. Today we will discuss the recipe to prepare these delicious treat.

Before you, start-preparing ingredients for these kebabs make sure to buy the fresh meat, as it will enhance the flavor of these kebabs. Now run to your butcher and ask him for 1 pound of ground lamb and one pound of ground veal. As this recipe is for six serving proportions, you must alter the ratio of meat according to your need. The ratio between the veal and the lamb is one is to one. Once you have your meat, transfer them in a large mixing bowl and mix them properly with your hands so that both of the meat is mixed.

After that, add the following ingredients in the bowl: one minced and reseeded red bell pepper, one medium sized minced yellow onion, three garlic cloves minced, about one and a half tablespoon of salt. Along with that one tablespoon of red sumac, one teaspoon of dried grounded red chili, one tablespoon of lemon juice, two teaspoons of pepper, two teaspoon of cumin and a half a bunch of parsley very thinly chopped. Mix all these ingredients with the meat properly and let it rest in the refrigerator for about half an hour.

Before twenty minutes of grilling, you must start your gas grill and as well, as make the skewers. To start your gas grill check for the supply of natural gar or for the level of propane in the tank. Make sure you have enough gas for the whole process and if you have a natural gas supply then no need to worry. Now turn on the main and the gas grill knob and ignite the fire with the help of a lighter. Once you gas grill is lightened, clean its grates and apply little bit of oil. Now let the grates of the gas grill be warm enough, keep the flame high and close the lid. Meanwhile make skewers of Adana kebabs. You will be using a flat wide skewer, now make giant meatball of the meat and apply it the skewer. Make sure it sits properly on the skewers. Once all of this is done, have butter in a bowl of butter, add chopped coriander on them, and mix. It will be use for applying on the grilled side of the kebab.

Grill the skewers for about three to four minutes each side, once a side is gas grilled apply butter and coriander mix. Serve these kebas with Greek yogurt, pita bread and Turkish curry.

The Magic of Massage Chair

You get home all tired from your workplace; you don’t feel like going through the hassle of taking an appointment and travelling all the way to the therapeutic masseuse to soothe your stressed joints. Guess what, you don’t have to worry about that when your very own massage chair is waiting for you at your own place.

For those of you who are not aware of what basically a massage chair is, it is a comfortable chair, usually made up of leather that can relax your body by massaging from head to toe. Various massaging methods are provided by the massaging chair, so you definitely wouldn’t miss the masseuse. You can have the massage that you need or want and that too at the comfort of your home.

Massage chairs are built with the ability to copy hand motions similar to that of a masseuse. The motor in the massage chair functions in the same way as the heart does in human body; it provides the chair with power to carry out its functions. The life of your massage chair depends on the quality of the motor fitted into it. The nodes and the rollers function to imitate the hands. They can differ in size, and provide you with pinpoint specifics when you are getting a massage.

Massage chairs, nowadays, are capable of providing more complex movements compared to the massage chairs of older models which could only vibrate. Massage chairs can now, knead, roll and moreover, recline. In the method of kneading the motion of hand rubbing is replicated to lift the tissues in your body. While in rolling, small wheels move up and down your spine. The effectiveness of the massage comes from the quality and motion of the wheels being used in the massage chair.

Before enjoying the benefits of the massage you first need to feel comfortable on the massage chair. As the new models of massage chairs are being manufactured, seat adjustments are set as standard. The chair must have the ability to adjust to any shape and size to give a better performance. With more joints and parts every part of your body can relax just like a real massage. In addition, if more people are going to use the massage chair at your place, you should prefer to buy one with multiple different adjustments so that each user can adjust it according to their will.

Nowadays, massage chairs include a remote to adjust the intensity and speed of the massage you want to get or to assign massage for a particular part of your body. Many different forms of massage chairs are being available in stores and online, you can choose the right one for you by knowing how each one differs in function. Select the right massage chair according to your needs and preferences and enjoy the magical benefits of it with just the push of a button and that too at the comfort of your home!

6 Reasons for Buying an Electric Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are very smart kitchen appliances which use some simple laws of physics to cook food 70% faster than conventional cooking methods. In addition to saving time, they also save cooking energy by 70% thereby resulting in long term savings on your utility bills. Electric Pressure Cookers are the newest modification to the original design of pressure cookers that have further added convenience to the whole cooking process. If you are thinking about buying one and having second thoughts about it, here are 6 reasons why you definitely need an electric pressure cooker in your kitchen:

Faster Cooking:

The biggest reason to use an electric pressure cooker is to save time spent in the kitchen. Tough cuts of meat which take hours to cook using conventional methods, take less than 20 minutes to cook in an electric pressure cooker.

Cheaper cuts of meat:

Since meat turns out so tender when cooked in a pressure cooker, you don’t have to waste money buying expensive qualities of meat. Even the tougher, cheaper cuts will cook perfectly and turn out as tender as the expensive ones would.

Saves nutrients:

Electric pressure cookers save nutrients of the ingredients by cooking them faster. The faster the food is cooked, the lesser the nutrients it will lose. Also, by trapping steam inside the sealed container, it prevents the essential nutrients from escaping the meal with the steam.

Convenience of use and versatility:

Its pre-programmed settings make it even more convenient to use than the conventional stovetop pressure cookers. Most electric pressure cookers provide you with a wide range of cooking options to choose from for instance rice cooking, slow cooking, steaming etc. All you need to do is select a suitable option and leave the electric pressure cooker to do its job. No need to supervise the cooking or be vigilant to turn off the appliance when the food is cooked. The appliance will turn off automatically when the work is done.

Safety features:

Electric pressure cookers have multiple safety mechanisms which make them completely safe to use even by amateur cooks. Conventional pressure cookers come with 2 or 3 safety mechanisms whereas most high quality electric pressure cookers come with a lot more than that number (for example Instant Pot comes with 9 safety mechanisms).

Noise free cooking:

The sophisticated design of modern pressure cookers eliminates all the hissing and rattling associated with the conventional pressure cooker. Electric pressure cooker provides you with a quiet environment to work in. In addition there is no steam escaping from the valve on top of the lid as was the case with conventional pressure cookers, hence no heat or smell spreads around the kitchen or your house.

Cream of Chicken Soup in Your Blender

Who doesn’t love a big bowl of hot, creamy, chicken soup in a winter evening? Imagine being huddled around the fireplace on a cold winter evening sharing your day’s stories with your family with a bowl of your favorite creamy chicken soup for everyone. Can you think of any better way to spend your evening? At least I can’t. It is not even that hard! You just need your trusty blender and it will do much of the job for you! Follow these simple steps to make cream of chicken soup in your blender:

Serving Size:

Makes enough for 4 to 6 persons


  1.      Onions, 2 (cut in cubes)
  2.      Potatoes, 2 (cut in cubes)
  3.      Carrot, 1 (cut in cubes)
  4.      Butter, 2 tbsp
  5.      Flour, 2 tbsp
  6.      Chicken broth, 3 cups
  7.      Milk, ¾ cup
  8.      Cooked chicken breast, 175 gram
  9.      Cream, ½ cup
  10.  Salt and pepper to taste


  1.   Place a large pot in the stove and turn the flame on.
  2.   Add butter and allow it to melt.
  3.   Now transfer onion, potatoes and carrot to the pot and cook for 5 to 10 minutes or until the vegetables become soft. The onion should become translucent but none of the vegetables should brown.
  4.   Transfer flour to your ingredients and cook on low flame while stirring the ingredients continuously. Flour will form lumps if you do not stir.
  5.   Now add the chicken broth and milk while stirring continuously.
  6.   Once you’ve added all the broth and milk, let the mixture come to boil. Stir at intervals.
  7.   Now add the cooked chicken to the mixture and let it cook for a further 10 minutes.
  8.   If you have an immersion blender, you can immerse it in the pot directly and puree the mixture until smooth. If you don’t have a best immersion blender, check out blender reviews to read more soups recipes to make with your blender along with reviews. And allow the contents to cool. Once they have cooled down, transfer them to the jar of your countertop blender and blend until smooth. Blend in batches if the capacity of the jug is not large enough to blend everything in one batch. Transfer the blended soup back to the pot.
  9.   If our soup is cold, heat it and add salt and pepper according to your taste.
  10.  Stir it so that the soup heats evenly.
  11.  Turn the flame off. Now add cream and serve immediately.

Once you’ve tried this easy recipe at home packed with healthy vegetables and chicken and fed your children with it, they will come begging for more! You can also try many other soup recipes as well, all made easy with your blender.

Fixation on waist training – all you need to know!

Celebrity fixation on slimmer waists and voluptuous hourglass figures, have inadvertently influenced all of us. Yes – our obsession with the likes of the Kardashian clan – if we were to name some of today’s modern icons – and even in much earlier times, celebrities and iconic figures like Betty Brosmer and Nerina Orten, the much-admired and loved 50’s pin up girls, were always admired for their ethereal body figures.

As we delve deeper into this age-old obsession with waist trainer for women: corsets and cinchers, we need to know what exactly waist training is. If we look at it from a traditional perspective, it literally refers to steel boned corsets which bring out the typical exaggerated hourglass shape we yearn to have! The circumference of your waist can be manipulated through the use of these corsets. By clenching them tightly around your upper torso, a corset can contract a woman’s lungs and even adjust a few of her internal organs to drastically reduce her natural measurements. Since this look is transitory, repeated corseting is required to maintain this beautiful, heavenly appearance!

In more recent times, some celebrities have religiously started a fashion roar – trying to lace up to slim down! Celebrities have redefined the idea of waist training with a new addition to body enhancement: latex waist cinchers. If you are an avid Instagram follower of Nicole ‘snooky’ Polizzi, Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose and Jessica Alba, you would see their obsession with waist training during workouts. These cinchers have become a constant staple in the lives of the rich and famous, where they are now beginning to sport it more frequently (and for longer hours), as opposed to traditional corsets.

The million-dollar question remains: which waist trainer works better – corset or cincher. A corset, as mentioned before, is made of steel that has a grizzly-bear-hug-like feel around your waist – jokes aside! Many celebrities in the past have revealed that wearing a corset is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, modern innovations have now given a new name and shape to it and it is called “cinchers” The latter is made out of mesh and is 100% breathable; it can be used throughout the day easily under your attire, definitely making you stand out of the crowd!

Today, when we hear women discussing “Waist taming”, they are most likely referring to it as their daily workout regime. Gym enthusiasts have added this as part of their fitness routine, as it is believed to make women more comfortable in their skin, help them shed those extra layers of that dreaded fat around their waist and to reduce the appearance of embarrassing love-handles!

Recently, Lily James – the female antagonist in “Cinderella” came under severe speculation regarding her unreal waistline, bearing accusations of using the help of photoshopping tools. However, it was later revealed that she donned a corset which gave the illusion of this perfect waist.

Our beauty ‘ideals’, very much remain the same – that is – flatter stomachs and a well-rounded derrière, albeit with a few changes in the materials used in making of these enhancers– from steel boned ones to using breathable mesh ones, but the idea is still very much ripe among women of all age demographics.

How to make baby food using a baby food processor

Once your baby starts eating solid food, it is a convenient and a healthy option to keep a baby food processor in your kitchen. The reason you need a baby food processor is that when babies start to eat, they will have to be given pureed food for a long time since they have little or no teeth. Even if they have teeth, they still have to learn how to chew. Baby food processor makes the food easy for baby to eat and eliminates any choking hazards. Ready made baby foods are available in the superstores as well. However, instead of buying baby food it is a healthier and a cheaper option to use a baby food processor to make homemade baby food. You can even use mini food processors to get the job done if you don’t have a specific baby processor. A food processor makes your task easier and quicker for you since your baby will be keeping you busy most of the time and you don’t have a lot of spare time for making baby food.

One of the first foods recommended for babies is avocado because of its abundance in nutrients and the fact that it is digested easily. You just need to peel the avocado and put the pulp into the food processor along with a little breast milk or formula milk. Milk is added to make the puree thinner and easy for the baby to swallow. The amount of milk added depends on the type of food and how thick you want your puree to be.

After a while you can start using the same food that you eat, for example rice or meat, to feed your baby after pureeing it in the food processor. You can also try chunkier consistencies now once your baby is old enough. To make chunkier baby food, just run the food processor for a couple of seconds and see if you have the right consistency. Make sure the chunks are small enough to avoid choking.

Some harder fruits and vegetables like apples and potatoes need to be cooked before they can be pureed. For this reason baby food processor comes with a steamer. Some baby food processor like Baeba Babycook use the same container to steam and blend therefore eliminating the need to wash multiple containers. You can read baby food processor reviews on to have the best one. Once you have steamed your fruit or vegetable, you can puree it. It is now ready to be served to your baby.

Instead of going through the trouble of making purees every day, most mothers like to make surplus food and store it in the freezer in ice-cube trays. Once the food has frozen, you can transfer it to freezer bags labeled with the type of food along with the date it was frozen. You can use this frozen food for not more than 2-3 months. When it’s time to feed the baby, you can take one slab out and defrost it or microwave it before you feed your baby. Make sure the food is not too hot for the baby.

Baby food processor is the choice of intelligent mothers who are careful when it comes to the health of their families. They prefer to prepare homemade meals for their babies to ensure that the baby stays healthy and is getting the right nutrients from every meal.

Things to Consider before purchasing and searching for humidifier online

Everyone wants to live in homes that are comfortable and with optimal living conditions. It is important to set the right humidity levels in your home. Now, there are advanced humidifiers that can be used in order to control humidity in various rooms. We are not surprised to see so many people searching for the best humidifier 2014. Still, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration while browsing for a brand new humidifier. With a few tips in mind, you will be able to discover the best product. Before you decide on a particular product, you have to measure your home’s humidity level with a hygrometer. Such devices are inexpensive and can help you monitor better air temperature and moisture. Once you know the respective indoor humidity levels you will be able to select right humidifier.

There are also families with babies that are concerned about the room’s humidity levels. With the best humidifier you will ensure the right moisture levels for the nursery. There are some things to take into consideration while browsing for a humidifier. The first thing that you have to do is select the type of humidifier you want: cool or warm mist, or dual unit with both functions. It is important to learn more things between cool and warm mist dehumidifiers. Now, you should know that dehumidifiers with cool mist are safer for young children. There are models which can purify and humidify air with precision. There are 2 types of air dehumidifying and purifying processes that a humidifier might use in order to safely generate steam or moisture.

According to recent statistics it seems that cheap humidifiers use evaporative technology while ultrasonic uses a fine water mist. If you are looking for the best humidifier then you could consider styles: personal, console, flow and portable. Each type of humidifier offers special particularities, suiting different home needs. A personal humidifier has a compact design with 1-liter format, capable providing moisture control whenever you need. The device is perfect for personal use, with a limited coverage area. People use such models for bedrooms or other types of living areas. A console humidifier is a large unit, which wheels for easy transport from one place to another. It is very efficient and can cover a lot of square feet. Another type of dehumidifier is whole-house. This powerful flow-through bypass unit needs to be installed in the home’s duct system and ensures proper air flow for all rooms.

Depending on your daily needs, you can choose easier the ideal product. You should also take into account the humidifier’s capacity or coverage. On this note you could make some measurements around your home in order to determine which product to take. There are models that cover around 700 square feet, perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. Still, you should know that large dehumidifiers placed in small rooms can give birth to condensation. On this particular note, you will deal with mildew and bacteria, which thrive in condensed environments. You will see the proper capacity levels on the humidifier. Respect them if you want to enjoy a precise control over the humidity levels without having to worry about mildew. This is why you have to also look at the humidifier water tank capacity for better control.